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Why Mediation? 

Save Time


      It can take you months to resolve your dispute, and years

to resolve all your divorce

isues in litigation.


Mediation is less time-

consuming and saves you

the need to rely on

the Court’s schedule

and intervention.

Save Money


Litigation can be extremely expensive, while hiring a mediator and settling your dispute in a few hours will

cost you just a fraction of the litigation cost and saves

you money.

Less Stress 


Mediation keeps you focused

on positive communication and settlement. Removing the threat of keeping to fight in court reduces stress and helps you invest your effort in finding positive solutions and making progress with your life.

Retain Control


In mediation you and your partner take responsibility

for shaping your settlement.


You both, not a judge, are making the decisions

relating to your case and

that affect your life.

Mediation is less expensive, more productive and less harmful than litigation. As with collaborative law, it is a structured process that provides an alternative to the unnecessary expense and emotional turmoil of litigation. Mediator Estee Shiraz of Shiraz Mediation Group will help you have discussions that focus on uncovering the pertinent issues and resolving them with less emotional turmoil and financial expense.

Mediation offers you the opportunity to participate in and focus on what is important to you, your business, your family, your future.


At Shiraz Mediation Group we will help you finalize your dispute and/or legal separation without spending all your financial resources on legal presentation and litigation. Mediation will also allow you to complete the process in a short while, in comparison to months and years that it may take when litigated. Most importantly, mediation keeps you and your partner in full control and allows the two of you to get through your dispute/divorce with much less conflict. This can make all the difference in recovering and moving on with your life.




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