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If you are visiting this website, you are probably having a dispute with someone and/or facing a separation or divorce. You are naturally feeling disappointed, sad, angry and confused. 


Estee Shiraz of Shiraz Mediation Group may help you find a resolution that will make things much easier, in a process that you and your partner will be the ones to decide the terms that work best for you, unlike in a litigated agreement which will be imposed on you by a court or a judge, which will take much longer, and which will cost much more. 


We work in Los Angeles, CA and Miami, FL and are here to help you! Mediation sessions led by Estee can be held either at the Shiraz Mediation Group offices, or at your preferred location, and even online, according to your own considerations. 


Mediations may be conducted in English, Hebrew, Spanish, German and Farsi, and are scheduled by appointment, mainly during weekday business hours, but weekday evenings and weekends may also be available.


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Tel: 305-979-6456

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