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About Estee Shiraz

Estee Annerl-Shiraz, Shiraz Mediation Group Beverly Hills

Estee Shiraz (אסתי שירז), founder of Shiraz Mediation Group, was an accomplished communications executive, linguist, publisher and entrepreneur, when her personal story and her desire to help others led her to develop a successful career as a civil, family and divorce mediator. Since then, she has been bringing tough civil, commercial and family disputes to resolutions, with an astonishing success rate of almost 90%. She mediates divorce, civil harassment, domestic violence, small claims, and other conflicts at the Los Angeles Superior Court, as a panel mediator for the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) and the California Academy of Mediation Professionals (CAMP) and is a member of South California and South Florida Mediators Associations. She regularly trains and is observed by attorneys and MBA students of the internationally recognized Alternative Dispute Resolution programs at USC and the Pepperdine University Schools of Law.

Being familiar with the Jewish culture and values, Estee has been working extensively with the Jewish community in the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area, and is one of the only mediators who are able to offer mediation and negotiation services in Hebrew and German as well.  

While only a very few state courts or state bodies in the U.S. certify certain classes of mediators (to include: The New Hampshire Marital Mediator Certification Board, the Supreme Court of Florida, South Carolina Board of Arbitrator and Mediator Certification, the Judicial Council of Virginia, and North Carolina Court System’s Dispute Resolution Commission), Mediator Estee Shiraz has been certified by the Supreme Court of Florida, the highest body to certify mediators in all 50 states in the US. 

Estee's experience, as a businesswoman and as a communications executive for over two decades, as a  former regular and special education teacher who worked extensively with children and families for seven years at the beginning of her career, and as one who went through the process of legal separation and divorce herself, allows her to bring to the mediation table a very wide scope of skills, qualifications and perspectives, and to resonate with her clients and their unique characteristics, whether a career woman, a business person, a housewife, or a concerned parent.

















Estee Shiraz knows first-hand how important it is to maintain control over your own dispute and to save time, money and emotional distress. She has a remarkable ability to address the various issues that the parties may face, provide insightful and practical suggestions, and lead the parties in negotiating, discussing the relevant aspects and move on to a successful resolution. She strongly believes that almost any dispute can be resolved in mediation, and that mediation is the best method to resolve any dispute, as it avoids the problems associated with the traditional litigated process.


Shiraz is familiar with all aspects of the alternative dispute resolution process for divorce, separation and family disputes. Her practice covers every aspect of divorce and/or separation, including distribution of assets, financial aspects, custody issues and parenting plans. She has the talent and ability to offer creative ideas for solutions which can address the specific needs and interests of each party. Her goal is to adjust the process so it can work for all parties and help in successfully reaching a resolution, recognizing that every case has different characteristics and different circumstances that must be addressed.


Shiraz Mediation Group is committed to providing a quality alternative dispute resolution option for your separation. From our first conversation until your legal separation or divorce documents are filed, Estee Annerl-Shiraz will guide you in developing an agreement that works for you and for your family, on your schedule, and at a much lower cost than an adversarial or litigated divorce.


If you reside in Los Angeles, CA or in Miami, FL, and are going through separation or divorce, please contact mediator Estee Shiraz of Shiraz Mediation Group today! In a mediated agreement, she will guide you both in determining the terms that work best for you and help you finalize your divorce effectively, save time and money, avoid unnecessary stress and maintain full control over the process.  


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