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If peace is an option, war makes very little sense...






Do not lose control over your own dispute

Do not pay thousands of dollars to get your dispute resolved

Do not let months go by untill your process is finalized






              SHIRAZ CONFLICT RESOLUTION & MEDIATION GROUP                                              Civil, Family and Divorce Mediation


" My super-challenging divorce was painful and emotionally consuming. It seemed like we would never be able to overcome the differences and  reach a resolution. After months of litigation, and thousands of dollars invested in the process, we both reached the point where we were willing to explore another option and give a chance to mediation, and I am so glad we did… It took us just a few hours with Estee to reach a civil and organized completion, thanks to her professionalism, expertise and skills. I am more than grateful for the important part she played in the finalization of my divorce. Only thing, we should have gotten to her much earlier…" 


To resolve your dispute and design the terms of your own settlement, 

call Shiraz Mediation Group today: 305-979-6456 


We work mainly  in Los Angeles, CA and Miami, FL.

Mediation sessions are conducted either at our offices, or at your preferred location, and also online. 

Languages spoken: English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

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